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Pricing and Services

The Graphic Design and Photography services that we offer are based on our experiences, and as our customer needs evolve, we are flexible to accomodate you. We use the most current equipment as possible, and have been able to adapt to the latest technological changes. Let's work together to find solutions to your communication and marketing challenges.

  Prices for Graphic Design and Photography Services  

Graphic Design $45.00/hr. including:

logos, business cards, book layout, web design/ layout

Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver


Video Production $75.00/hr. including:

onsite video recording, conversion, titles and transitions

export to DVD, Bluray, or formatted for websites



Portrait Session $125.00

onsite or at unique locations that includes a 1.5 hrs. session, and compact disc or web delivery

(6) Images edited and optimized for both Print and Web use



Individual Photo Items

(1)-Remembrance $12.00
(1)-8x12 Prints $12.00
(1)-8x10 Prints $10.00
(1)-5x7 Prints $8.00
(8)-Wallets Posed $9.00




Sports Photography Team Packages


Player Package $15.00

(1)- 5x7 TEAM
(1)- 5x7 Posed
(8)- Wallets Posed


Team Package $18.00

(1)- 8x10 TEAM
(1)- 5x7 TEAM
(8)- Wallets Posed


Sports Package $20.00

(1)- 5x7 TEAM
(1)- 5x7 Posed
(1)- 5x7 Action
(8)- Wallets Posed


Deluxe Package $30.00

(1)- 5x7 TEAM
(2)- 8x10 Posed
(2)- 5x7 Posed
(8)- Wallets Posed